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immune deficiency


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Vitamin D deficiency
A key to regulating the immune system

>  Over 80% of Black Americans, 69% of Hispanics, and approximately 30% of Whites have been shown to be deficient in vitamin D[20]

>  The scientific evidence shows a strong association between vitamin D deficiency states and higher rates of COVID-19 infection, severe cases (hospitalization, ICU admissions) and deaths. [48] [49] [50] [51]

>  Over 200 scientists and doctors from 33 countries have signed the Dec 7, 2020 open letter. This letter calls on all governments, and public health agencies to immediately implement widespread increased vitamin D intakes to combat COVID-19 infections, severe cases and deaths. The letter can be viewed HERE

3 min.

Rhonda Patrick, PhD
Vitamin D3's role in immune function

Dr. Patrick summarizes vitamin D deficiency, effects on immune function, and a quick overview of a meta-analysis showing the impact of vitamin D deficiency on Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS). These topics are covered at greater length within the research paper.

27 min.

Chris Martenson, PhD

Vitamin D: Powerfull Bullet Against COVID

1:55 - Explanation of the relationship of vitamin D and the Bradykinin storm hypothesis of COVID-19
3:15 - Discusses a large population-based study in . . . 

60 min.
Roger Seheult, MD
Vitamin D and COVID19: The Evidence. . .


1:25 - Introduction to vitamin D with an emphasis on its hormone properties 

4:25 - How we get vitamin D

ZINC (Zn) deficiency

Gatekeeper of Immune Function

>  ZINC DEFICIENCY IS NOT RARE. At least 20% of US adults over 60 years old and 30% of those in elder-care homes are at risk for zinc deficiency. [63]

>  Zinc directly inhibits viral replication. It is involved in multiple processes that deactivate and block replication of COVID-19. [91] [92] [93] [94]

>  Research studies have shown a strong correlation between zinc deficiency states and more severe COVID-19 disease and death. [34] [71] [72]


22 min.
John Campbell, PhD
COVID-19 and Zinc

0:01 - Dr. Campbell discusses how inexpensive zinc supplements are, and gives his opinion about why it is not being promoted. Dr. Campbell mentions that President . . . 

8 min.
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Manage Your Zinc Status

0:25 - Signs of zinc deficiency
1:55 - Reasons for deficiency and best sources of zinc
3:30 - How to test zinc nutritional status. The best test. . . 

7 min.
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
How to Supplement with Zinc


0:20 - Summary of previous video relating to correcting a zinc deficiency: "Manage Your Zinc Status"
0:45 - Recommend forms of zinc when supplementing

Vitamin C deficiency

A Key to Defending the Lungs

>  Within the US, between 10—15%  of people between 12 and 74 may be deficient. [119] Significantly higher rates of deficiency have been seen in older adults around the world. [128] [129] [130] [131]

>  Blacks may be 20% more likely to be deficient than Whites. [120]

>  Research studies have shown a correlation between vitamin C deficiency states and more severe COVID-19 outcomes. [139] [140]


24 min.
Whiteboard Doctor Medical Education
Vitamin C Deficiency, Supplementation and Treatment in COVID-19 . . .

2:20 - The basics of vitamin C

3:05 - Daily recommended intake of vitamin C and . . .

1 hr. 19 min.
Rhonda Patrick, PhD
Vitamin C: Oral vs Intravenous, Immune Effects . . .

7:30 - Background on vitamin C

17:05 - Bioavailability of vitamin C [including dosing . . .

10 min. 
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
How to Manage Your Vitamin C Status

0:30 - Scurvy: classical Vitamin C deficiency disease
1:45 - Vitamin C insufficiency and deficiency symptoms beyond scurvy

Selenium (Se) deficiency

A key to reducing virus harm

>  Worldwide, it is estimated that over one billion people (1 in 7) may be selenium deficient.


>  Research studies on selenium levels in older adults (over age 65) around the world have shown deficiency rates exceeding 30% in many areas. [9] [147] [156]

>  Research studies have shown a strong correlation between selenium deficiency and severe COVID-19 disease and deaths. [163] [164]


38 min.
Ethan Taylor, PhD
COVID-19 and Selenium

1:05 - Dr. Taylor’s introduction and background in HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and selenium

12:40 - Discussion of wide variance of selenium soil . . . 

9 min.
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
How to Manage your Selenium Status

0:30 - The issue of wide variation of selenium in soil
1:05 - How often should people get tested for selenium?
1:20 - Signs and consequences of selenium deficiency

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